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Famly Wills: Services


1. Standard Single Will

  • Single document for a single person
  • You can make arrangements for your affairs and choose who should look after any young children in your care.


2. Standard Will for Couples

  • Two documents for a couple
  • If you are married, in a civil partnership or have a significant other, I can create a Couples or Double Will. You will be able to make arrangements to provide for your partner and choose who will look after any young children should you both die.


3. Tax planning Will


I can provide a comprehensive service:

  • ADVICE on a range of options available that maybe able to offset Inheritance Tax
  • ASSIST in the organisation of your financial affairs
  • ADVICE on the rules of the Transferable Nil Rate Band for married couples or those in a civil partnership.


4. Letter of Wishes

  • This is an informal letter or list of your wishes in addition to your Will. 
  •  It can be changed without the need to make a new Will.
  • It can include instructions for your funeral service such as choice of hymns or songs, scriptures or poems, who you want to take the service and catering arrangements afterwards.
  • It can include a list of belongings you want to give to people together with the history of the item or the reason why you want to give the gift.


5. Codicil 

  • Once you have made your Will, keeping it updated is just as important.
  • A Codicil allows you to make small amendments to your existing Will without having to make a brand new one.
    I can create a Codicil for you even if I did not make your original Will.

Referral Fees:
Paid for each referral that results in a completed Will (couples count as one referral) 







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